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[PSK] Pocket Survival Kit

[PSK] Pocket Survival Kit

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The BoxCutter [PSK] Pocket Survival Kit is a minimalist solution to carrying the essential elements of survival. (Fire, Water, Shelter & Food.) Wether you are planning a day hike on your favorite trail or weeks long backcountry expedition it’s always a good idea to keep the essentials of survival on your person and not just in your pack. Our [PSK] is designed to fit in the front zipper pocket of our [ZAP] line of products making it ultra slim, compact, easy stash and comfortable to carry anywhere you venture outdoor. 

Pocket Survival Kit Items: 

•Folding Razor Knife

•Water Purification Tabs x2 

•Ferro Rod/ Striker

•Quick light tinder x2

•Button Compass

•Mini glow stick x2

•3 strand bank line 10ft

**ZAP (zippered admin pouch) not included** 

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