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Rite in the Rain- Mini Bolt Action Pen

Rite in the Rain- Mini Bolt Action Pen

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Just when you need it most - a powerful, yet small metal clicker that conveniently fits in pockets or attaches to lanyards.

No-slip Grip
The triangular barrel and textured grip make for trustworthy handling. But if you drop it, don’t worry... It will survive!

Proprietary ink and delivery system used exclusively in Rite in the Rain Pens will write through water, sweat, grease, and mud.

Burly clip + Bolt Action
The strong clip keeps your pen close at hand. With the bolt-action feature, your pen won’t accidentally open in your pocket. Replace ink with full-size cartridges.



CARTRIDGE:Pressurized, performs in temperatures from -30F to 250F, under water (up to 35 ft)

 SIZE:4.37" L, .7" D, .43" H

WEIGHT:.03 lbs

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