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[SPRK] Spare Power Replacement Kit (18650/CR123a)

[SPRK] Spare Power Replacement Kit (18650/CR123a)

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The Spare Power Replacement Kit [SPRK] designed to provide a compact and durable way to carry spare batteries for your optics, flashlights and other accessories. The included bit slot gives you a backup solution for emergency repairs in the field. Similar in size to a compact double stack mag making it easy to stash in a range bag, pack, chestrig, GP or pistol mag pouch.

Featured storage
1x 18650 or 2x CR123a 
2x CR2032/1632
2x Hex bit & included bit driver slot.

Product info:
1.2”W x 2.8”H

Material: PLA
Type of 3D printing: FDM (Fusion Deposition Modeling)
They are 100% solid PLA plastic

Proudly made the USA by @buffalodefencesolutions
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